i2i Artists Support LGBT Youth Line

[ Posted: Oct 11, 2012 ]

i2i artists Thom Sevalrud, Ian Phillips and John Webster are 3 of 20 artists and designers commissioned by Shaun Moore of MADE to create custom auction paddles for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Youth Line‘s upcoming yearly Line Art Auction taking place November 6th at the Neubacher Shor Gallery.

Ian Phillips’ paddles were inspired by his beloved dog and muse, Fancy Polanski, RIP.
Thom Sevalrud says, “The concept for my paddles was influenced by Semaphore signalling flags. I used the Semaphore alphabet to create the word YOUTH. Then I took liberties with the designs by ‘complicating’ them with flamboyant and crazy patterns that I made myself. The overlaying word QUEER is meant to complete the visual statement to go along with the symbolic representations to form the words QUEER YOUTH. Defiant, colorful and individual!”.

[ Copyright 2012 Ian Phillip ]

[ Copyright 2012 John Webster ]

[ Copyright 2012 Thom Sevalrud ]

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