Ali Smith's 'Momma Love' Kickstarter Project

[ Posted: Mar 15, 2013 ]

For the past twelve years Ali Smith has been working on a book called Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives.

Gloria Steinem says - "Ali Smith has given us a gift with Momma Love: a fresh, eye-opening manifestation of motherhood's contemporary realities."

"After a disastrous experience with a publisher who folded, I'm excited to say I've decided to self-publish! To that end, I've started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign that will run for the next 30 days only, offering PRE-SALES of the book at a special DISCOUNTED price plus other really cool perks. "

Ali continues to say, "I've met incredible women while making this book. Each has inspired me and helped to shape who I am as a mother and as a woman today. I've witnessed many triumphs and walked beside one mother in her final days. I know that their stories will move you as they have moved me. My strongest desire is to give back to these women for sharing their stories with the world."

So please check out and support Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives by clicking on the Kickstarter link below. And please send this to TEN (or MORE!) of your closest friends and family members to help SPREAD THE LOVE! Let's turn this book into a movement and the forming of a community for all the mommas we love.

"I'm sending much Momma Love to you." -- Ali Smith

Ali Smith's 'Momma Love' Kickstarter Project
[ Copyright Ali Smith ]

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