Tansy Myer's "Skulls With Ponytails"

[ Posted: Jul 01, 2013 ]

Show your love with Tansy Myer's new heart sticker "Skulls With Ponytails" available on 1 1/2 inches width is just the right size for any girl's arm.

Born and raised in Venice, California, Tansy Myer came of age among the eclectic artist community of the Venice Boardwalk. With a beautiful roller skating hippie dream girl for a mother and a rock-and-roll father traveling the world, her life was always halfway between reality and fantasy. Inspired by the indulgent worlds of music and fashion, she began drawing her girls at a young age as a way to create and control the beauty and perfection that seemed to be the pinnacle of achievement for a girl. Tansy's work centers around beauty and how women use it to define themselves. The themes of adolescence and adulthood, innocence and sexuality are present in both her digital drawings and paintings. The juxtaposition of her slick and pretty digital work, with the raw awkwardness of her “nerd” girls is a perfect example of the battle inside every woman to identify themselves in an appearance-obsessed culture. Based in Los Angeles, Tansy works as an artist, illustrator and designer, creating digital art as well as painting and drawing strange, pretty, and nerdy girls.

[ Copyright Tansy Myer ]

[ Copyright Tansy Myer ]

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