Kevin Steele Takes to the 'Trail' with Hiker Liz Thomas

[ Posted: Aug 01, 2013 ]

Reposted from Kevin Steele's blog:

If a trail never leaves the pavement, is it still a trail? I spent a few days with record setting thru-hiker Liz Thomas in Los Angeles in early April â€" she was making an inaugural hike of a 200 mile route that traverses many of the city’s highlights. Liz hikes FAST. And light. She holds the women’s speed record on the Appalachian Trail: hiking 2181 miles, unsupported, in 80 days.

This 200 mile route was the idea of Robert Inman and resulted from his goal of connecting every one of the city’s 300+ public staircases. Liz figured she could blaze through the route in five days, at 40 miles per day, and I was along for part of the fun. It was a challenge to not only keep up with Liz but to scout and plan locations along the route that I would arrive at just ahead of her.

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[ Copyright Kevin Steele ]

[ Copyright Kevin Steele ]

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