Oliver Wetter's "Tempus Findal"

[ Posted: Jan 27, 2014 ]

In his latest book, "The Shadow tech Goddess", Ren Garcia discusses a monster, and extra-planar creature known as the Tempus Findal, and it is a thorn in the hero's side up until the very end of the book.

In the story, he also explains the topic of Wvulgroms, or, alternate versions of yourself. As there are infinites planes of reality, there could also be infinite Wvulgroms of you.

For the Tempus Findal, however, there is only one, and that one person feels, at least on a subconscious level, its loneliness. It feels a ceaseless need to seek out its inverse, a person known as a Tempus Gemain, or "One who is Everywhere". The Tempus Gemain is a person who exists in EVERY plane of reality, and the universe favors that person, grants them power and acclaim. The Tempus Findal is attracted to this power, to feed on it in a parasitic manner. Unhindered by the rules of Time and Space, it pursues the Tempus Gemain. It will lie to get near him, it will kill as well, and the closer it gets, the more ravenous, the more insane it becomes.

As the Shadow tech Goddess explains to the hero, Lord Belmont, who is a Tempus Gemain:

"He came in to have a look. The iron gate and the darkness behind it awaited. A chalky white arm shot out to the elbow, its hand reaching and grasping in a crazed manner, trying to get at him. The nails on its fingers were cracked, greenish, and uneven. It rattled the gate as it struggled.

The Shadow tech Goddess pulled him away a step or two. The chalky hand lost some of its ferocity. It pulled back a bit and held the bars tentatively, it then slowly reached out to him, palm up, fingers extended. “See how its bearing changes? When it has fed off of your power long enough, it becomes sated for a short while. During that time it can be loving, charming, reasonable, sympathetic even. But, always, it will fall back into that ravenous, mindless state you saw before. The Tempus Findal has the strength of twenty men, can make you feel fear such as you have never known, or it can make you feel sorry for it, make you serve its own ends. It tells lies, Lord Belmont, and you will believe them. You will believe every word, and then it will have you.”

--Oliver Wetter

This was a commissioned promotional piece for Ren Garcia by illustrator Oliver Wetter.

Oliver Wetter's "Tempus Findal"
[ Copyright Oliver Wetter ]

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