Spirits of Savannah Launches!

[ Posted: Feb 26, 2014 ]

Julie Lieberman and Louis Clausi are proud to present “Spirits of Savannah.”

The uniquely-illustrated book features 16 ghost encounters that seamlessly combine factual and fictional histories of Savannah, Georgia. They are highlighted"and complemented"by Ms Lieberman’s original illustrations that depict the “ghosts.”

The project was inspired by the many claims of paranormal encounters that people willingly shared with Louis during his years as a Savannah City tour guide. He admits that he never thought much about ghosts, but once he delved deeper, it became more and more apparent that something was possibly afoot.

This was compounded by the fact that Julie has had ghost encounters all throughout her life. Their discussions helped to re-affirm Julie’s experiences, and she found herself creating images of the subjects that Louis spoke of in his stories.

Over the years Louis' tour became more of a theatrical performance.
That, and the creation of the book have inspired the pursuit of the live multimedia theater performance. With the assistance of AtticLight Productions, Julie and Louis have put together some video clips on their Kickstarter page that display a sample of their vision.

Not only is the project getting to highlight some unique illustrations, they are setting those illustrations in motion. “We have both had the desire to animate our static images for over 20 years now. The fact that modern platforms make it readily available is rather inspiring. There have been some great trends developing in regards to Illustration in motion, and we feel fortunate to be a part of that.”

They both know that asking for assistance is such a humbling experience. Yet, they feel much more comfortable since Kickstarter sponsorship offers rewards.
They both agree that it is so much better than just asking for handouts.

“We are enthusiastic about actualizing all of this and sharing our “visions” with you, the spirited people of the city of Savannah, and the spirited people world-wide.”

You can visit their profile page at:
and see for yourself. Be sure to make a contribution because every little bit helps when people are trying to get a project going.

Check in on this Facebook page for more information and updates.

Visit us at:
Kickstarter (link below)
@SpiritsofSav | #SpiritsofSav

Thank You. We hope you love life"
and the after-life"as much as we do.

Spirits of Savannah Launches!
[ Copyright Julie Lieberman ]

Spirits of Savannah Launches!
[ Copyright Julie Lieberman ]

Spirits of Savannah Launches!
[ Copyright Julie Lieberman ]

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