Bonnie Holland gets Kinky!

[ Posted: Jun 10, 2014 ]

Yep, Bonnie Holland, known for her wholesome and fun imagery got Kinky and loved it. Tapped by Creative Director Bruce Edwards at Fame, Holland was charged with creating 3 lively scenes that embodied Kinky Blue Liquor for the brands launch. Berry licious scenes included a bathtub full of Kinky, setting sail on board a Kinky vessel, and working out Kinky style. The crew aboard the Kinky adventure included Producer Heather McQueen, Sr Designer Sutasinee Seitz, Director of client services Amy Kromminga, clothing stylist Daria Maneche, hair and make up artist Barbara Lamelza, models Brielle Birkholm from Wilhelmina, Katie Gill and Megan Tandy from CESD.

Bonnie Holland gets Kinky!
Kinky Blue Bath

Bonnie Holland gets Kinky!
Kinky Blue Sailor

Bonnie Holland gets Kinky!
Kinky Blue Work Out

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