i2i Art Artist sets the mood for Harlequin

[ Posted: Feb 03, 2015 ]

Art director, Sean Kapitain with Harlequin, has a keen eye for quality illustration and knows how to choose the perfect style to capture just the right mood for the novel. The backdrop for The Lost Artist is a 19th Century New England farmhouse with a nasty storm brewing. Who better to illustrate a moody landscape than Tim Zeltner?

Tim painstakingly builds the atmostphere of a painting with his unique combination of layering on wood with: paint, glazes and stains. Sean Kapitain had this to say about Tim Zeltner’s art, “We actually heard back from the author about this cover which is rare! She loved the package and thought Tim’s art was absolutely spot on. Great work, Tim!”. Thank you Sean for the wonderful feedback.

[ Copyright Tim Zeltner ] The Lost Artist Book Cover by Tim Zeltner

[ Copyright Tim Zeltner ] I love the way Sean has used parts of the illustration for the spine and back cover.

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