Bonnie Holland Aims A Little Higher

[ Posted: May 13, 2015 ]

Bonnie Hollands sense of play is always beautifully displayed in gorgeous color palettes, and the latest installment featuring an archer and seesaw is no exception.

In this series a beautiful Cassie Matthews takes aim at an apple perched on her mates head in an ode to William Tell, except that Cassie misses…. every time. Or did she miss? Jack DePew of course gets back at her in classic Bonnieland style and playfully sends her head into the clouds via seesaw.

Models curtesy 2 Management.
Hair and Make Up by Bethany Ruck
Styling by Leilani Lacson
Production by JCH Studios.
Photography by Bonnie Holland

[ Copyright Bonnie Holland ]

[ Copyright Bonnie Holland ]

[ Copyright Bonnie Holland ]

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