Orvidas Reminds Us Of Our Similarities And Common Ancestry

[ Posted: Jun 23, 2015 ]

Ken Orvidas’ several times award-winning illustrations can be found in newspapers, books, advertising and much more. Just recently, Teaching Tolerance Magazine featured one of his fascinating illustrations for their article on race and the concept of race in America.

This article, as well as the artwork, aimed to point out the fact that we are all descendants from Eastern Africa, and the many similarities we share in our DNA. Orvidas explains further: “The proportion of our variable DNA that falls into that category is about 85%. Due to ‘genetic drift’ there is no single physical trait or gene that can be used to unambiguously assign people to racial groups.”

To see more of Ken’s illustrations, be sure to visit his Altpick-profile, as well as his personal website.

[ Copyright Ken Orvidas ]

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