Keith Barraclough Adds More Portraits To His “Redhead Project”

[ Posted: Jul 28, 2015 ]

2013 marked the start of Keith Barraclough’s “Redhead Project.” After photographing a redheaded executive with piercing blue eyes for a corporate portraiture shoot, Keith came up with the idea for a series featuring (natural) redheaded people wearing white in front of a white seamless background.

This idea has since grown into something much bigger than what was initially planned, and with the addition of video footage and a promotional deck of cards, he has now photographed more than 160 subjects. His most recent portraits, which were just published, can be viewed below.

For more on The Redhead Project , visit Keith Barraclough’s official website, click the link below.

[ Copyright Keith Barralough ]

[ Copyright Keith Barralough ]

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