Joey Feldman Celebrates Gustav Klimt’s 153rd Birthday

[ Posted: Jul 28, 2015 ]

Joey Feldman has long been known for his spot-on illustrations of famous people that are currently in “the spotlight”. His career started when he was commissioned to draw a caricature portrait of O. J. Simpson during the celebrity’s famous trial in 1994, and he has been threading on that path ever since (starting the biggest feud in the magazine XXL’s history because of his portrait of rapper Eminem, among other things). But Joey doesn’t only make commissioned portraits; some of them are more personal. One of his latest likenesses, which was posted on Joey’s official Facebook page, depicts one of his favorite artists: Gustav Klimt. The portrait was posted on (what would have been) the artist’s 153rd birthday with the caption “Happy Birthday #gustavklimt!!! One of my favorite artists, and he was a cat person...”

[ Copyright Joey Feldman ]

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