Garth Glazier Addresses A Common Issue For Detroit Illustrators

[ Posted: Jul 28, 2015 ]

According to illustrator Garth Glazier, the way to create a “visual creative journey” is done by adding improvisation, wordplay, fun and determination to the mix. Having worked in everything from editorial and advertising to products and medical for many years, Garth is also well aware of some of the challenges one might meet when working as a professional illustrator for hire. For example, one of these would be the occasional lack of creative freedom.

Garth recently published a few car-illustrations that had been made for Chevrolet Camaro on his Facebook page; both versions were created for conceptual comps for review, but the project sadly ended up getting cancelled. As Garth had been asked to tone down the paint on the cars during the later stages of the project, he notes:

“A lot of projects start out with great energy but then get dulled down as they go through revisions. It’s too bad because cars and art go together so well. But this is something every Detroit illustrator knows.”

Even though this project never reached publication (as is the case with many projects), we are still impressed with the final(-ist) art!

[ Copyright Garth Glazier ]

[ Copyright Garth Glazier ]

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