A Look At Nature’s Different Benefits by Garth Glazier

[ Posted: Aug 10, 2015 ]

Detroit-illustrator Garth Glazier has recently been working on a series of posters and print patterns for fabric by illustrating the inherent beauty of different invasive weeds and wildflowers. Garth explains the origin of the project:

“Two years ago I took photos of a meadow along a busy major avenue. This patch of green was filled with native and invasive flowers reaching the peak of their bloom. A week later they mowed everything down, but not before I found some real treasures in these delicate humble flowers.”

Each of the plants illustrated has different valuable traits to both agriculture and their environment and some even carry certain medical benefits. Follow the link below to Garth’s Behance page to learn more about the project and to read about the benefits of each different plant.

A Look At Nature’s Different Benefits by Garth Glazier
[ Copyright Garth Glazier ]

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