Anni Betts’ Finds It Fun Drawing Foxes

[ Posted: Aug 11, 2015 ]

Anni Betts just released a brand new illustration from her series of alphabet animals: “F is for Fox Waving a Flag!” The color scheme for the image (navy, mint and coral) was chosen to coordinate with some of this year’s trendiest colors in kid’s rooms, as well as with the other illustrations of her alphabetic series, meaning they would work in harmony when put next to each other. Anni also says about her piece:

“It’s always fun drawing foxes, and this one was no exception. I hope he brings a smile to your face, and have a F-is-for-Fantastic day!”

The illustration is available as prints in three different sizes on Anni’s Etsy-shop,

Anni Betts’ Finds It Fun Drawing Foxes
[ Copyright Anni Bett ]

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