A Glimpse Into Illustrator Rudy Gutierrez’s Book Cover Collection

Aug 14, 2019

“It’s always a treat to lend my art to book covers”, says illustrator Rudy Gutierrez, who recently shared some examples of books he’s had the pleasure of being commissioned to illustrate.

Though different in topic, each illustration carries Rudy’s unmistakable artistic style, which, evident by the work shown, works just as well on book covers as it does on posters and music albums. “Thanks to all of the Art Directors and Editors for thinking of me, he continues, “and of course to all of the amazing writers whose work I've hoped to do justice to!” Additionally, Rudy also made sure to give props to Daniel Pelavin, who provided the typography on all the Nalo Hopkinson books.

Copyright ©Rudy Gutierrez