Schumer Honors Bob Dylan On His 82nd Birthday

Jun 01, 2023

Like a wise man once said: “The times they are a-changin’”. And aren’t they now, more rapidly than ever? What doesn’t seem to change, however, is the love that so many people have for the person behind those words of wisdom, namely singer-songwriter legend, Bob Dylan. Or Robert Allen Zimmerman, which is the name he was given at birth.

In honor of Dylan’s 82nd birthday (May 24), illustrator and Altpick member Arlen Schumer decided to share the artwork he created of “America’s Old Testament prophet”. The piece is available for purchase in print form (titled “Robert Zimmerman Dylan”) through Schumer’s representative, David Goldman (

You can find more of Arlen Schumer’s music-themed artworks in the link below!

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