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I started to draw when I was in high-school, during Ancient Greek lessons, the most annoying that you can imagine. From then on I never stopped, from the classical nude school of the Fine Arts Academy of Florence to graphic design and then to the production of digital illustrations, fast and with abundant short-circuits or, how I like to describe them: “left-handed”.

I’ve always been fascinated by pure graphic signs, those drawn by children or by cave-men, but, at the same time, I am a lover of fusion, overlap and colour. From this, was born my way of drawing, which is nothing but the resetting of elements, the overlap of signs, styles and graphical canons. This is the reason why I love drawing with the computer.

Some time ago I went from paper to screen when, for space reasons, I could not afford to have a table full of brushes and paper sheets; from then on I’ve explored the multiple possibilities of vector design (a design, the elements of which, are managed by mathematical expressions) with help of a notebook and a graphic pen. A vector drawing can be decomposed to endless elements, each one being able to mutate in shape, sign and colour, and then form again the original design. It’s always possible to move, reorganize or endlessly change the smallest part of the design.

Tracing lines and shapes with the mouse helps me obtaining an uncertain quality of the signs, similar to the ones traced with your left hand, to which I can add perfect shapes (such as squares and circles) or even softened or precise lines, automatically produced by the computer, which “clean” the sign. The world of vector design is extremely rich for who is interested to make a research on the sign and its applications.

Often I find the starting point in a Joan Mirò’s way or rather, causing “accidents” on the canvass (in my case, the computer screen). It can be either an accidental movement of the mouse that traces lines, a random deformation of a pure form or even a handful of signs thrown randomly throughout the screen. For me it is like playing with the elements of a whole visible universe, where there’s no completed forms neither rubbers to erase them, everything can come back to nil or be recreated in other signs.

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