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Photographer based in the south east area of kent.
Subjects that feature within some of my works are: the Vernacular, Identity, The Environment, Time and Peoples relationships to the world around them. I primarily work with the analogue medium of photography because of the permanent nature of film in an age where digital has taken over. Some Digital processes to me seem to be a quick, disposable and can be lost easily. The other reason why I work with analogue processes is permanent nature of the photographic image in relation to time and moments because of the cameras ability to capture freeze moments indiscriminately and make them timeless. I have a variety of Influences but the main photographers who inspire my work are: Walker Evans, Joel Sternfeld, Ed Templeton, Alex Flach, Jeff Wall, Thomas Ruff, The Beechers, and Larry Clark,
Exhibitions: (Title): UCA Pop Up Gallery May 2012, Stepping Stone Studios May 2013, (Spectrum): The Rag Factory London June 2013
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