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I am a conceptual designer who mainly works with illustration to address broader themes such as kitsch and language and raise awareness on particular subjects. I am currently based in Rotterdam, NL.

My clients include Medium/Matter,, Haptic Animation Amplifier, Tupperware Russia, Rotterdam Hogeschool.

The illustrations above are for Matter's series The Men Issue.

I work on a broad range of projects, such as editorial or commercial illustrations and lettering, visual identities, poster design and a large amount of personal projects. One of my ’specialties’ is to analyze, rearrange, reinterpret and recontextualise kitsch or pop culture elements so as to offer a new perspective on contemporary visual culture and to confront people with their preconcieved notions of 'good taste' and 'bad taste’. I am also focusing on the relation between language and meaning, in combination with different symbols, forms and aesthetics.
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