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Paul developed his creative urge as far back as he can remember. He was Continously sketching when he had the chance even when he shouldn't have.He especially enjoyed drawing on the living room walls, his parents didn't appreciate this. He He gradually learned discipline and tempered his drawings to drawing
pads and sketchbooks. His parents appreciated this.
While in high school he loved to dissect frogs and thought he would become a famous surgeon. His hopes were dashed when he barely past biology and his science teacher was relieved. Paul didn't care much for math and always let his older brother solve those difficult problems. After graduating from high school he applied to several art schools and decided to attend Massachusetts College of Art.
After graduating Paul started creating assignments for magazines, design studios and educational
publishers. His illustration styles range from lively whimsical pictures with bright colors and black outlines.
He has experience as an electronic instructor at Montserrat College of Art and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.
He loves to relax and play music with the Harmony Gritz band. He is not sure but has a strong feeling he
is scaring the neighbors, cats and dogs when he plays his accordion.
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