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Currently based in Amsterdam, Peter Bowen is an illustrator and graphic designer with over ten years' experience working for international clients.

Sometimes with a slightly dark edge though rarely without a sense of humour, he specialises in both hand-drawn and digital techniques to produce work ranging from detailed illustrations to typography and logos.

Selected clients include:

- 55DSL / Diesel (Italy)
- BEAMS T (Japan)
- Fame and Glory (UK)
- Fenchurch (UK)
- Ideafixa (Brazil)
- Joystick Junkies / Foot Locker / EA Games / THQ Inc. / Koch Media GmbH (Europe)
- LXIX Magazine (USA)
- MAGMA Brand Design GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
- Make Or Break Streetwear (UK)
- Muthastar Records (UK)
- Rockford Mills (Netherlands)
- Scooter MFG (Japan)
- Shellsuit Zombie Magazine (UK)
- Shlomo / Lyrix Organix / Médecins Sans Frontières (UK)
- Taito (Japan)
- Wink / Lowlands Festival / Pukkelpop Festival / Bacardi / Converse (Netherlands)
- Zoe Karssen (Netherlands)
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