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Patricia Barry Levy is a Denver based still photographer for advertising, corporate collateral, web and editorial communications. She excels at showing people in descriptive ways - often within their personal or work environments in "straight" photos (

Alternately, her digital montages ( inhabit a world somewhere between reality and imagination. They're photography and they're illustration.

Created from original photographs, scans, and pastel drawings, images are recombined and delve into the realm of story telling and mystery. Ordinary places and objects evoke a new narrative.

Selected clients include: AT&T, Bloomberg, Charles Schwab, Coors Brewing Company, Getty Images, European Economic Union, Fidelity, Food Network, General Motors, Prudential Insurance, Qwest, Wells Fargo, Western Union.

Her dual portraits of American Indians (in native dress, and in street clothes, side-by-side) previewed at the Denver Art Museum and traveled throughout Colorado for three years. She is a member of ASMP.
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