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Creatively charged before coming to term, it was while performing a pas de deux in the amniotic fluid that Pol Turgeon managed to wrap the umbilical cord around his neck several times. This traumatic episode has been identified as the psychological wellspring from which all these bizarre and unsettling images flow. It appears that there is no cure!

For more than twenty years, Turgeon has profaned the international visual environment by unabashedly inseminating magazines, corporate brochures and annual reports with his iconoclastic illustrations. It is a perplexing and unresolved enigma that these horrific images have managed to gain Turgeon more than a hundred awards worldwide and have been selected repeatedly by juries for design annuals such as the prestigious American Illustration or the Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

Turgeon evidently suffers from a phobia of artistic boundaries. One analyst indiscreetly suggested that Turgeon had taken what the reputed psychoanalyst C.G. Jung referred to as active imagination and turned it into a pathological delirium.
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