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PSSTUDIODPI is a multi faceted visual design company spearheaded by Paul Shipper incorporating the three disciplines that are at the heart of his artistic existence.

Design. Photography. Illustration.

Born in Manchester, England Paul grew up with a pencil permanently attached to his hand. Realising his talent for the visual Paul followed art and design through high school before graduating with a BA in Illustration and Animation from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

“My training really came from years of drawing and painting, studying the works of my inspiration, and sheer determination to making a dream become reality.”

While keeping a full time job Paul began illustrating professionally for himself, gathering clients and working on projects in his spare time. It was during this time that he firmly established himself in the design industry as well as becoming an accomplished photographer.

Some of his proudest achievements have included receiving Star Wars work from Lucasfilm on the 30th anniversary of the franchise as well as working with clients such as Penguin Books NYC, Sports Illustrated, GQ Magazine and Topps Inc.

“I want to provide my clients with an enjoyable working experience with an end result that we can both be proud of.”

In 2007, Paul left his UK life behind in search of greener pastures and is now permanently based in New Zealand. He began PSSTUDIODPI to bring together his three great loves and has enjoyed total success, servicing clients all over the world.

When he isn’t saving the world one illustration at a time you’ll find Paul practicing his drums and piano, exploring the country and spending precious time with his family.
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