[03.31.20] During these unprecedented times, it's important to stay optimistic. The Ancient Romans lived by the phrase, "Dum vita est, spes est" ... "While there is life, there is hope". I would like to add..."While there is art, there is life". I encourage everyone to keep the faith and keep creating! -- Maria Ragusa-Burfield, Altpick.com

Outer(Space) Wear

Paul Garland's illustration for Delta Sky Magazine is nothing but cosmic creativeness! The artwork accompanies an article titled "Outwear, Meet Outer Space", which is about how apparel companies are looking to NASA for finding fabrics that can provide the best possible insulation.

USA Women's Beach Handball Team Series

Creating projects like this is the reason why photographer Scott Council became a photographer. "I wanted to capture images that convey strength in all of us", says Council.

Eddie Guy Creates Computer Robot

Eddie Guy shares a wonderful set of images from a previous assignment he did for IEEE magazine's article on how to deal with the effects of computers on children's minds.

Hang Lucy's Tiki Bar Artwork

Hang Lucy’s, a large tiki bar in Grand Bend, Canada, hired Brian Allen to create a series of murals, t-shirts, and logo designs. The murals and t-shirts featured loads of mermaids, Poseidon, tiki totems, flying sea turtles, and surfing parrots.

Australian Bushfire Tragedy

Kerschbaumer's illustration is dedicated to the millions of animals who were killed or hurt in the Australian bushfire.

Maxwell House Factory

Ryan Ketterman recently shared a number of fantastic images taken last year at Maxwell House in Jacksonville. The coffee-producing facility has long been on Ryan's mind to photograph and document.