Mural Design for the United Nation

Artist and art director for The United Nation's Postal Administration, Sergio Baradat, recently had his very own mural design installed in the UN building on Manhattan's East Side. The mural depicts men and women from countries all over the world. "A marriage of neoclassic sensibility with a contemporary point of view", says Baradat.

Fixing Twitter

Eddie Guy's illustration for an article on how the site is getting back on track.

Le Tour de France

Keith Barraclough photographs member of cycling team.

Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Kimberly Wiseman's illustration of the legendary boxer.

Today's Health Community

Ryan Ketterman's colorful style brings playfulness to his subjects.

Cate Blanchett

Urs J Knobel illustrated the actress and Oscar winner.

Relaxation in Flotation

Paul Garland's illustration for Success Magazine article.

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