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RORY HAINES is an award-winning Screenwriter/Director and Script Consultant.

Rory was born in Bradford, England to parents who were deeply involved in the trade-unionist movement. Growing up in Yorkshire and Belfast, Rory was constantly surrounded by political and human struggle, which continues to occupy his work.

He received his MFA from Columbia University film school, which is widely renowned within the industry as one of the top sources of Screenwriters. He has been awarded the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Foreign Filmmaker Award, the Ezra Litwak Award for distinction in Screenwriting and residency at the Nantucket Screenwriter’s Colony.

Rory has been represented by Oasis Media Management since 2010 where he has worked on screenplays with multiple producers and development companies in Hollywood. He has also worked as a story consultant for Gotham Writer’s Workshop and taught Screenwriting at Columbia University and ESRA Film School.

Rory currently lives in Los Angeles, though he occasionally hops on the plane back to England to visit his mum.

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