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Whether wandering the streets of Chicago or backpacking in the forests of national parks, Shane Welch brings his camera, always trying to capture the perfect moment.

Born on January 25, 1987, Shane was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He discovered photography early in high school, taking a couple of introductory classes, and what started as a hobby, became a passion. His education in photography began at the College of DuPage, where he attended for two years. Shane has recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Photography.

In his free time, Shane travels the United States and abroad, photographing people and the natural environment. His portrayal of the natural world and attention to detail often yields breathtaking results. His ventures in the backwoods of Yellowstone or slums in Israel are testament to his commitment to excellence. He goes to extreme lengths to get the right shot.

More than a photographer, Shane is a humanitarian. His compassion for others leads him to the homeless dwellings of poor Chicagoans, many of whom he befriends. The portraits he takes display an interpersonal look at the lives and the struggle these people face daily. Shane’s mission as a photographer is to spread awareness about the social and environmental issues that affect our nation and the world. His hope is that others will be moved by his work to action. With enough help, we can make a difference.
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