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Artist Message


Skizzomat aka Marie Luise Emmermann
illustrator / digital artist / art director

Marie is working as graphic designer and art director located in Berlin now. especially interested in creating strong picture-based worlds, working for motion graphics as well as art direction for exhibition design (MINI e.g.), doing illustration for a couple of years now first as opposite of "pushing logos around", working as an illustrator on client work since www.skizzomat.de was launched in 2005.

description of artwork
all skizzomat illustration is digital collage and graphics, parts hand made, cut-outs, some parts painted scribbles, collected pictures, cut typography, papers, structures, "what ever", ...it is all about shapes and contrasts that do not look computer-made – all quite abstract and mainly intuitive.

clients so far:
MAXIM Fashion magazine(ger), dedicate magazine (f), Wirtschaftswoche (ger), Welt am Sonntag (ger) MINI, MINI international magazine, vorn magazine (ger), FRONT magazine (ger), ZEIT Geschichte magazine (ger), ZEIT Leben magazine (ger), NEON magazine (ger), DUMMY magazine, WAD magazine (f), INDIE magazine (a), emotion magazine (ger), PIG magazine (i), ICON magazine, Pfizer, Shoestring, Zedge mobile, Deutsche Telekom
skizzomat is supporting some non profit projects/e-magazines as well like destructed.info, nonamemagazine.com, whaleless.com, exitstrategymagazine.com.