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Mom and I at the new BJs. She is have a 5 cheese gluten free pizza with applewood bacon and pineapple. . .…
   [ Sun Feb 23rd 8:59 pm ]
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Rick Souders, owner of Souders Studios, has one of the largest food photography studios in the Rocky Mountain West. Rick is an honors graduate of the Art Center College of Design and is known as the “Mile High Food and Beverage Guy”.

The Souders Studios facilities include a commercial kitchen, two studios, five client lounges and balconies, three prop storage areas including a prop pantry, prop garage and a prop barn. The Souders Studios team has won many prestigious awards around the world.

Souders Studios has many fast food, restaurant chains, national beverage and liquor clients, health food clients, cookbooks and editorial clients. Square Pixels, its sister company, is also an awarding-winning retouching and digital compositing studio.

The team offers several styles of photography and a vast array of equipment. The studio is known internationally for its creativity with food and beverage photography, while the team also specializes in flame and splash photography.
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