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Greetings Altpick members and visitors: It is a pleasure and an honour to be on this site, I have always liked the quality of the art I have seen on it. It's a pretty exclusive artclub.I'm a young 30 something, have been drawing and painting just about all my life, taught by my uncle, a book illustrator and a good one. Last summer I had a "work-vacation" in Europe and on off days visited National Museums from Scandanavia as far south as Spain, and wherever posible sketched in pen, pencil, charcoal or pastel in front of great masterpieces. This makes you stronger as an artist and give you a real closeup on how great painters lay out their best works. Old-school type of practice-study. This spring I enjoyed being outdoors, a lot of running, tennis, hiking and climbing. Took a lot of pics and have created 3 new paintings, expressionist interpretations of California mountain wilderness. These have been uploaded to my art website: I now have updated 12 galleries, a total of 144 pictures, for sale as giclee prints on canvass. I think I have good range in my art and a number of quite beautiful works. I will now attempt to upload a small sample of my work here on Altpick. Starr, the artist Spring 2014, California
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