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Stephen is an American artist, experimental animator and composer who has continually exhibited worldwide since the late 1990s. His work and exhibitions have appeared in Monopol (Germany), LA Weekly, Juxtapoz, Raw Vision, New American Paintings, BLK/MRKT TWO by Die Gestalten Verlag, Year One Rewind by Last Gasp Press and others.

He was recently nominated for the San Diego Art Prize 2010 by Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego curator Robin Clark, PhD and a Maverick Movie Award in 2009 for his composing for "Best Original Score" for the animated short film 'Rubbuds'. His work has also been recognized by Painting and Sculpture curator Fereshteh Daftari of MOMA NY and he was nominated for an Experimental Design award by SFMOMA in San Francisco in 2000.

He has filmed, directed, and single-handedly produced the film and album "Daniel Johnston at Home LIVE", a music documentary performance shot in Waller Texas about his friend Daniel Johnston.

Recently, in 2009, he had his first acting role where he appeared briefly in the Werner Herzog film playing an EMT in "My Son My Son What Have Ye Done?".

Stuff other people have written about Stephen:

“What would happen if you took classic 1920's cartoons and Ren and Stimpy episodes, chewed them up with shades of primary colors, and then horcked the whole thing onto a canvas? Nothing as good as Stephen Tompkins' work, for sure, though that's exactly what his pieces remind me of. It's like an abstract celebration of cartoon body parts in a roiling pop orgy. And yet they still remain sparse enough to seem muted. Now I have the urge to watch cartoons. And porn. Although it's pretty difficult to know if that's caused by Tompkins' work or just standard Tuesday morning libido."

- Brad Martin, contributing writer for Juxtapoz
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