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Like most of us in life, our true calling is never revealed in an instant. We need to test our skills, follow our instincts and nurture our talents….

The quality of a photographer’s work is enriched by the experience and influence in his/her life, which results in a unique imprint distinguishable from others. Scott Thompson was always lead by his need to be creative and to express himself in that manner. His journey from architecture to graphic design to photography allows him the unique ability to appreciate and capture moments/experiences from a designer’s eye.

Having pursued rock and roll photography and combat photography as a starting point, he now seeks/craves different experiences to inspire and influence his approach to photography described simply as the relaying of stories. Scott’s particular style includes lifestyle, editorial and travel & leisure photography.

With some experiences being drawn from Scott’s travel experiences in his personal time, storytelling serves as the perfect embellishment to his photography enabling the reader to be transported into the vision created.
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