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Sue Todd is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada where she has lived as an illustrator for 18 years. Sue began her career as a design and layout artist in retail advertising. One day she picked up a carving tool and started carving linoleum. Sue fell in love with the printmaking process and has combined it with technology by scanning and colouring her prints in Photoshop. "It might seem crazy to continue carving lino in a digital age but I like the resulting quality of line and enjoy combining ancient and modern technologies. After all these years of carving I'm very fast and have no problem meeting tight deadlines."

Sue has created art for many magazines, books, some packaging, posters, t-shirts and a tv commercial. Her clients are located in Canada, the United States and UK. Sue particularly enjoy myths and legends and anything to do with animals. She has illustrated many folktales from around the world.

Sue feels very fortunate to earn a living doing what she loves. She is expanding her horizons by learning the craft of writing and painting portraits in oils. When not in her studio having fun Sue pursues her passion for opera, yoga and cycling.
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