Artist Message


Jeffrey Lamont Brown brings a fresh, reality-based approach to advertising photography for clients around the world. His lush, authentic style is fueled by a keen appreciation for real human moments and honed by a strong, intuitive aesthetic sense. Jeffrey believes that every shoot, however comprehensively produced and tightly choreographed, contains “real moments” that serve his clients’ desire to present products and ideas in the most compelling way. “A lot of people are trying to work at the point where documentary meets art photography,” Jeffrey said. “What sets me apart is that I am drawing on almost twenty years of work as a documentary photographer.” Jeffrey is also a master of digital technology, which he uses to replicate and enhance darkroom techniques pioneered by such greats as Edward Steichen and Ansel Adams. Such digital “dodging and burning” helps Jeffrey calibrate the emotional pitch of his images without sacrificing the sense of reality that lies at their core.  Over the last few years, Jeffrey has put together a strong team of production and design specialists who work together in his Southern California studio to deliver quality images to a diverse, international client base. In keeping with his background as a documentarian and core beliefs about environmental and social justice, he also finds time to support various nonprofit groups in their work. He is currently embarked on a multiyear collaboration with Project Concern International and the Gem Foundation to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the developing world.