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Thought. Its what you, as a creative, put into every project you handle. Everything you do is infused with as much originality as humanly possible- so when it comes to choosing a photographer, it is vital that you find someone will make your ideas come to life- while still adding their unique vision to your project.

Thought Production and Management is STEVEN BARSTON's production company and studio management. We provide the resources for large-scale productions to limited budget shoots.

Steven is a Los Angeles-based photographer, whom we believe represents the best of a new generation of shooters. Some of our best clients are: BBDO, Leo Burnett, Synergy Creative, Sexy Hair Concepts, Got2Be, Comcast, etc. Steven also has had an immense amount of success shooting fashion and editorial for publications such as The Source, People, Vibe, Scratch, and Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine. He has recently completed campaigns for Got2Be, Alterna, Sexy Hair Concepts, and Comcast. With a truly innovative eye, Steven brings his subjects to intense life, whether he is shooting a hip-hop artist or a Sous Chef, fashion spread or catalogue.
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