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Tony Blei shoots people.

But really, what Tony does is humanize; creating a connection between the viewer and the subject. Whether revealing the latent fear of potential job-loss in the eyes of a trucker — the joyful expression of continued survival in an aging porn star — or the subtle happiness of a hard working fisherman — Tony creates images that give his viewers insight into the subject and, thus, builds relationships between his clients and their targets.

Tony's photo-journalistic background communicates his approach and then his mind seeks out the underlying depth of his subjects'. With grace, compassion, honesty, and a big heaping pile of good humor, Tony creates images for his clients that go further than expected to connect more profoundly with the viewers.

With Tony, creativity happens. Daily.
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480.329.8178 (Mobile)


2051 W. Peralta Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85202

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