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Whether it’s children, adults, or landscapes it is connecting with the subject, playing with the surroundings, waiting for the perfect light that gives her pictures the energy they emote. Loving the unexpected on a shoot and being flexible when something doesn’t go as planned is what sets Alexandra apart. Her demands on herself are commendable, and her pictures will captivate you. She requires high-tech equipment, uses her intense education as her backup, never sees a challenge she doesn’t embrace, and works until she has accomplished her goal. Relying on her innate “feel for light”, her uncanny ability to discover novel and natural settings, and her childlike view of the world give her work a fresh and unforgettable tone. When you think of Alexandra’s work, you think you’d not only love to see more and more pictures, but that you’d like to meet the exquisitely talented photographer behind them.

A graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, Alexandra earned a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography with a concentration in Advertising. She has worked with such clients as Jupiter Images, Yahoo!, and Golf Digest.
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