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I’m lucky to have made a career creating a lot of images and making a lot of friends. I have clients/friends that have been coming back for over thirty years. I really enjoy the collaborative exchange between client and photographer. Working together we have created award winning images. It’s been a lot of fun and artistically rewarding.

Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a small startup, I fight for the best possible photos that can be produced. When I say fight, I mean that sometimes you have to struggle against the challenges and not give in until you have created a work of art.

My education in engineering has proved invaluable in my understanding of light and the physics behind the shot. I suppose that is the reason that I shoot as much high tech as I do. I have had to design and build custom equipment because it just doesn’t exist in the wild. This crazy assortment of tools and techniques are a big reason why I get the results I that I do.

Technology is a fact of life in the world of photography today. The balance between right brain and left brain can be elusive. Art shouldn’t have to be a tradeoff. I feel fortunate to have both sides of my brain firing.

Ever in a hurry, I was messing with digital photography as far back as 1986. I can certainly say that I had the very first digital studio in Utah. Things have changes a lot in the intervening 24 years. Today I use the latest medium format digital gear that really delivers the goods.

Take a moment to browse my galleries at, and you will see some images that transcend traditional photography. These are images that make people look.

I shoot the shots that sell the products.
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