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Benjamin Van Blancke, young artist sharing his time between Brussels and Paris,
chose ink drawing as his specialty.
An illustrator of widely recognized talent, his personal production remains, however,
purely artistic. It thus moves away from the illustrative aspect and fully penetrates
the field of contemporary drawing. He has already participated in major projects
for brands such as Caterpillar, Procter & Gamble, La monnaie de Paris, etc...
A renowned illustrator... and a talented artist
Illustrator and artist entirely self-taught, Benjamin has been drawing since childhood.
He naturally chose to study graphic design for 5 years in Berlin, Germany. With a
solid background, he returned to Paris in 2013, and went on to work on major
illustration projects. Among his most important commissions are the illustrations
he produced for Les éditions Les Belles Lettres, or those produced in the 2019 for
the Monnaie de Paris. However, it would be a mistake to limit Benjamin’s work to
the illustrative part alone. Indeed, he has been developing an eminently artistic
personal production for several years now, and is establishing himself in the field of
contemporary drawing as one of the young talents to follow. Several exhibitions of
his work as an artist are currently being prepared.
Anachronism, History and Temporality.
Benjamin Van Blancke is passionate about history and architecture. Brutalism,
classical and baroque periods have a heavy influence on his work. He likes to
mention different historical or architectural elements in his productions. From all
his interests, he willingly incorporates anachronisms into his drawings. Augustus’
bust emerging from the factories of our industrialized society; knights in armour
riding today’s highways. Sometimes devoid of any ulterior motives, these temporal
contradictions are for Benjamin Van Blancke a simple intellectual game. Quite
often, however, they become a way to invite the viewer to a meditation on the
current society and its evolutions. Thus, and without ever imposing his vision, the
artist offers the viewer the possibility to reflect freely on the world around him.
A technique influenced by the engravings of the Dutch Golden Age
Benjamin’s technique is pure and simple. He uses ink exclusively as a medium and
treats the different shades of grey and opacity thanks to a meticulous hatching
process. Monochrome and his extreme attention to details are therefore the key
words of his technical know-how. The influence of the old masters on this one is
substantial. Let us mention Israel Silvestre, Du?rer or Cranach the elder.
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