Focusing on artists – and their art – for more than thirty years

  • 1992
    The Alternative Pick

    launches in NYC as an alternative to traditional artist directories, giving underground artists and cutting-edge talent a unique platform to showcase their work and reach clients.

  • 1992-2005
    The Alternative Pick Directory

    is published and distributed annually to top advertising agencies, music labels, publishing houses, magazines, design firms and creative departments. 500 additional “special editions” are sent to a select group of industry leaders.

  • 1996

    launches as the first portfolio site to find talent online.

  • 1997
    Alternative Pick Moving Images

    launches as an addendum to the directory and highlights artists in new media and moving images.

  • 2003-2011
    The Altpick Awards

    launches as a showcase for top photographers, illustrators, designers, and interactive artists. Award-winners are celebrated at an annual party in NYC.

  • 2009-2012
    The Alternative Pick Deck

    is sent annually to creative decision-makers. The deck of cards features art from leading commercial artists as a supplement to

  • 2011
    Altpick Connects Blog

    gives members a platform to promote new work, interviews, highlights, and other news.

  • 2022
    Altpick turns 30

    and is as passionate about art and artists in 2022 as it was 1992. To celebrate, the brand unveils a new logo and identity system. relaunches, making it even easier for artists to get work, share news, and celebrate their craft. The Altpick Connects blog is renamed The Pick to reflect the care and curation that goes into all of the content published on the site.

Since 1992

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