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Allan's main area of work are landscapes for the wine and tourism industries which at time covers a wide verity of cultural questions. For Allan its about showing the true character of the issue and getting the story told as we are all here he believes, to tell a story, "Thats what people want to buy into", he says. "I think that the best marketers are those who can convey a good story to there target market."

Allan's parents and family gave him his first camera in 1966 and by watching his aunt and uncle, John and Wendy Rykenburg Allan acquired an eye and passion for photography.

Allan was lucky enough to spend time with two masters Jim Krantz and Monte Kruse in the 1990's. "It was a insight into bleeding edge thinking, in marketing and the creative photography industry, in the corporate and medical fields." Alone with family and friends Allan has a number of photographers that have inspired him, most notable are Pete Turner for his color, Ansel Adams for his landscapes, Brian Brake for composition.

"Its not what you use as a camera or if you use film or digital but it what I see that will make you want me to do a job for you."
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