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I have just finished my contribution to the black-smoke organisation, for the Danger Global Warming project.

Basically the organisation asked a few key people from different industry disciplines to come up with an idea for an image for the project, the main element holding all the contributions together was the use of crime scene tape within the image. The words Danger Gobal Warming written on the tape, black letters against a gold background.

Other artists involved in the project include:

Philippe Starck (Designer), Gus Van Sant (Director), Richard Linklater (Director), Jim Jarmusch (Director), Gillian Anderson (Actress), Kasey Affleck (Actor), William Wegman (Artist), Francois Rousseau (Photographer), Alan Cumming (Actor), Peter Stormmare (Artist), Goldie Lookin Chain (Musician) and Fatboy Slim (DJ).
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