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My name is Csaba Fikker, I'm a photographer/DP living in Los Angeles, California. My education is in Motion Pictures ( Academy Of Arts, San Franc...iso )but my passion is still photography. I became a Photographer and have been for over a decade. I love, sleep, breathe and live for beautiful images. Beauty is a relative concept and as you can see from my portfolio,my tendency is to shoot unconventionally and on the edge however I'm flexible and for that my clients are always satisfied. I take pride in my work, I'm fast and efficient and very professional. I have a home studio but I prefer to rent studios for the appropriate subject matters. I can provide disk on location and sometimes prints as well. I have a specialized website set up to deliver work to clients where clients can view , approve and buy professional prints or download comps and/or originals. My day rate starts at $500 - that is for me and my equipment which includes Cameras, Lenses, Strobes, Flashes etc. for up to 8 Hrs of shooting - Studio rental is extra and so is an assistant if the shoot requires help, speed of production or other tasks. My day rate also covers up to 10 Photo retouches and either one large 13"x19" Pro Photo print or two 8x10's
Half day starts at $300 for the same things mentioned above and up to 4 Hrs of shooting, plus 5 Picture retouches and two 8X10 Pro Photo Prints."How Can You Trust the Eyes when the Imagination is out of Focus"
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