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I am a free lance Illustrator, graduate of the Sheridan College BAA Illustration Program,and part time professor for the Durham College school of Media Art and Design. Through my work I love to make people from all walks of life think, and smile, and understand.

My main areas of focus as an Artist have been: editorial and narrative illustration, concept development, graphic design, and fine art. I also have a love of creative product development which I exercise through personal projects. I enjoy the process of collaboration, communicating with clients and fellow team members, listening to and fulfilling their needs.

My administrative and organizational skills are assets I value highly. They have allow me to perform above and beyond my role as an illustrator. They enable me to advise and contribute effectively on the subjects of branding, marketing, strategic planning and serve to support my professional conduct.

Teaching and creating art in unison is something I truly love and feel natural doing. I find the experience of developing a relationship which allows for the effective sharing of skills and inspiring the imagination of another individual very fulfilling.

I believe visual art is powerful enough to change anything from a person's perception of a brand to a person's perception of the world at large.
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