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Emily Cammisa

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I am a freelance artist that is passionate about illustration, specifically designing original characters and creating fantasy images. My style is hea...vily influenced by Japanese anime, western cartoons, and comics. I also enjoy creative writing, crafting beaded jewelry, sculpture, and nature photography.

Tools of the trade

I use both traditional and digital mediums. My favorites are pencil, ink pens, alcohol markers, watercolors, and digital art made in Adobe Photoshop CS3 via Wacom tablet. I also have oil paints, acrylics, oil and chalk pastels, colored pencils, and a wide variety of other art supplies that I may occasionally dabble with. Aside from 2D art, I also enjoy creative writing, sculpting with clay, making jewelry, and photography.

Stylistic inspirations and influences

My style is heavily inspired by many different illustration artists like Mucha, Emily Warren, and Orpheelin. I also love Disney, Japanese anime, cartoons, and comics. I've been striving to take certain aspects from each of the styles that I love and mesh them into my own semi-realistic, fantasy style. I often take reference from reality and use observation to draw things as accurately as I can; especially human anatomy. I enjoy drawing original characters or illustrating scenes from roleplays or stories that I love. I also craft a lot of characters using a virtual reality game called Second Life before I illustrate them. Second Life is a huge inspiration for my work and a great source for reference.

Please check out my website linked on the side to see more of what I can do and thanks for stopping by!
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