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Figurestock is a brand new, out-of-the-box collection of original and exclusive commercial images designed for book cover use. Combine our figures with your background photos to create the perfect book cover.

The addition of a good figure can create drama, mystery, movement and excitement, or bring characters from a book to life. The images above are just a small selection of what you'll find on

We created our website to help you find your perfect hero, heroine, villain or victim.

On the main website you can browse categories such as Gender, Silhouettes, Perspective, Profile, Genre; or, if you already have a character in mind, by Model.

Some of the figures are posed as if they are doing something: climbing or descending steps, resting their hands on a balustrade, jumping something, running or fighting. These figures are designed to go straight into a background image, or can be mixed with others.

All of our images are carefully edited, model-released and available to license. We'll be adding new images every month.

Thanks for looking.