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Creating is a pure reflection of the creator
Through some of lifes challenges I have found a catharticism in my creating that has reconnected me to my art breathing new life into a past activity
Art has given me a voice for an illness misunderstood and much less talked about. By sharing my art I hope to influence others in same life situations to find their voice.
I find myself wondering how I come to some of the conclusions in my work, untapped and raw emotion is what usually emerges on my canvas. I want people to see not only the beuaty life can bring but the ugly truth that comes with many of life challenges
My Morphing series started as an idea and turned into a series, most of these works one might see as twisted misconfigured forms trapped in sometimes compromising positions. On the other hand one might see unity and a flowing essence. Alot of what we do and see in life depends on our perspective.
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