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All of my work is based in some way on the phenomenon of interference patterns. Being that the entire universe is structured and deemed functional by waves of energy and matter that constantly change through pseudo-random occurrences, I as an artist allow for these happenings to influence my work. The ever present waves of gravitation, electromagnetic fields, visible and invisible light waves, waves of sound, shock pressure and lattice vibrations; along with not so obvious waves of opinion and philosophy all effect my work. There is this omnipresent condition in our space-time life experience of the observation and disturbance of these waves that alter our actions and at times, bias for good or not, our selves!

As artists use paint, brush and other tools of the arts, I use anything and everything that comes my way to capture and express my feelings and influences of such interference.

As the computer has influenced our society and the world in general for many years, the computer also has influenced me as it has interfered in a regenerative sense, with my space-time. For the past twenty years I have completed thousands of artwork along with computer animation and video projects, all by-products of such interference.
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